Live online results platform

Notable features

  • Live Results.

  • Automatic bi-directional syncronization (web - timing software - web).

  • Individual results.

  • Team results.

  • Lap results.

  • Triathlon results and results with many split times.

  • Age categories.

  • Other custom categories.

  • Calculate points / overall ranking in event series.

  • Leaderboard.

  • Favorite page with results.

  • Live result page per split point.

  • Photo integration.

  • Video integration.

  • Live tracking on map (GPS and/or simulated from split points).

  • Social media integration.

  • Online certificate.

  • Stage race result system.

  • Different export options; UCI, ITU and other.

  • API access for integration with other systems.

Selected screenshots

Result List

See result lists, change race, set filters or search.

Personal result page (1/3)

Get detailed result data from an athlete.

Personal result page (2/3)

Get detailed split time overview.

Personal result page (3/3)

View tagged result photos for free or sell them to the participants.

Lap result list

Default result list for lap races.

Personal lap details

On the personal result page get all lap details.


Follow the race live at the leaderboard or make your own favorite list of your friends and follow them live.

Live tracking on map

Follow a race live with tracking on a map. Athletes can be tracked by GPS or estimated times based on split points.


Live stream video to the result page or show a personal video certificate after the race when the athlete finish the race.

Team results

Example of team results with 3 members on each team.

Points / Overall ranking list

Build a series and compute points to an overall ranking list.

Compare results between serveral athletes

Compare detailed result data between athletes.

Stage race overview

Who is the leader in the different competitions at a stage race.

Stage race leader result list

Example of the overall result list in the stage race after stage 5.