Online Registration Platform

Get the best payment fee rate and flexible registration platform on the marked!

Notable features

  • We support both profile/login based registration platform and non-profile based.

  • Price category support with automatic price increases based on date or number of registrations.

  • Age, gender, UCI-code, triathlon license and other validation types available.

  • Advanced questions module. Supports complex questions depending on the answer to other questions.

  • Shop module for merchandise sale and addon selection.

  • 'In case of emergency' module.

  • Cross selling module. Advertise for other interesting events with one click registration.

  • Quick sale option - purchase now, fill out all details later.

  • Social media integration.

  • Analytics/Facebook Pixel tracking + insert own javascript tracking code on event-level basis.

  • Supports participants selecting predefined waves and custom race numbers.

  • Selection of expected time.

  • Purchase result SMS addon.

  • Queue system for big and fast selling events.

  • Automatic reservation to avoid overselling events.

  • Advanced and easy to use administration backend with multiple users and access levels.

  • Supports many languages - in theory all languages.

  • Supports many currencies - in theory all currencies.

  • Embed registration, participant list, result list into events own website.

  • Easy layout change to event brand the registration.

  • Donation module.

  • API access for integration with other systems.


American US Dollars
Total amount Fee
$0 - 30 USD $2 USD
$30.1+ USD $2 USD + 2.5%
European Euro
Total amount Fee
€0 - 25 Euro €1.5 Euro
€25.1+ Euro €1.5 Euro + 1.5%
Other currencies
Total amount Fee
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