Black Box Timing Software

Powerful, yet easy to use software for timing and scoring events. Lets you focus on what's important.

Notable features

  • All in one program.

  • Automatically synchronizes with online registration and online result platforms.

  • Works with most timing hardware on the market, including Black Box, IPICO, MyLaps, Trident, race|result etc.

  • Works both offline and online.

  • Cloud capabilities: Upload of completed events to the cloud, remote support features, cloud connections to hardware units for remote locations.

  • Designed to be easy and fast to use. Advanced features are hidden by default, to make it easy to learn and use for everyone.

  • Web interface with commentator system, late registration services and much more. Adjusts to all screen resolutions on PC, tablets, phones, big screen displays etc.

  • Integrates with various external devices such as digital race clocks.

  • Support for IP video cameras, which allows linking results with the corresponding timestamped video finish for verification and basic photo finish scenarios.

  • Multi-user system. The main software runs on a single computer, but allows an infinite number of other client computers to connect. All tasks can be carried out by all computers, including the video features.

  • Handles a large number of race types and configurations, from individual foot races with tens of thousands of participants to UCI road cycling races, team relays, mountainbike lap events and much more.

  • Frequent software updates with new features, without any additional charge. Flexibility in requesting new features.

  • Possible integration with your own SMS gateway for automatically SMS result sending.

Technical specifications

  • Requires Microsoft Windows.

  • Requires MySQL database server (free).

Supported Hardware
  • Black Box
  • Trident Time Machine
  • IPICO Elite
  • IPICO Lite
  • RFID Race Timing Systems
  • MyLaps
  • SPORTident
  • Race|Result
  • Impinj RFID reader
  • Zebra RFID reader
  • Feibot
  • Pressure sensor / photo cells / impulse triggers (connected to supported device)
  • + more
  • See full list here

Finish Line Camera
  • Any IP camera with H.264 or MJPEG via HTTP and RTSP
  • Digital Race Clock (USB)
Software documentation can be found here.


If you use our online registration platform, the software is included at no additional charge.

If you purchase our hardware you will get 1 year of license included at no additional charge.

The yearly cost for the software is €875 / $1000 per year for a single license (single computer).
Additional licenses within the same company is €82 / $95 per year per license.

Selected Screenshots

Control and monitor everything from one screen

See overall status, graphical representation of timing setup, all timing units connected and statistics from raw times and passings of each split.

How to add new units

Easy setup for adding new units. This is only a temporary list of supported equipment. All systems with an open API can be integrated.

Search and control participants

From the participant window it is easy to search and filter participants to check and validate your data. If you need to change names, races, waves, finish status or add manual times, it is very easy from here.

Add new split points

From the graphical representation it is easy to add a finish point, split points or backup split points.

Advanced commentator module for tablet, phone or laptop

The commentator system can be configured in many ways to easily let the commentator follow the race. It is web based to make it possible to use it on tablets, phones, laptops etc.

Commentator leaderboard example

The example shows the leaderboard of the 4 km race. The timer can remote control what is shown on the commentator module from the timing software.